• Sayaani conveys 'Women strong, Nation strong' message

    2nd February 2018

    The Akshay Kumar starrer 'Padman' which has the actor struggling to educate women in rural India about hygiene is set to release after a week now. This highly anticipated social drama helmed by R. Balki also stars Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor in lead roles.

    The makers are out with yet another song titled 'Sayaani' that carries the same quirky tone. This traditional sounding song illustrates the celebration of a teenager's puberty and the lyrics might overcome the low thinking of the normative people around over society. It is Akshay Kumar stealing the show once again by comparing a women's period with cricket hilariously. He is seen saying that cricketers wear two pads but why women from rural India shy to wear even one during menstrual cycle. 

    The song essays celebration of a teenager who is hit by puberty and is now an adult for a traditional 'shuddi' ceremony. This is a song that might change the vision of Indian society towards this sensitive subject. In a recent interview, the Padman actor said, "When you celebrate it, the girl who is already going through a physical and hormonal transition, will feel confident and secure. But we exclude our women from the normalcy of life during those five days. So from the first experience, women feel that period is something they should hide. So you know where we should start from." 

    Come sense the great vision the song shares and click here to watch Padman Sayaani official music video. Also don't forget to check out the making of this song here

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