• Shabana Azmi subjected to racial scrutiny at Chicago airport

    19th August 2016

    Very often actors are detained at international airports for various reasons the foremost being the 'Security.' Veteran actress Shabana Azmi is currently in the US to shoot for an American film. The actress was asked for her purpose of visit at Chicago's O'Hare international airport in a rather suspicious way.

    She said, "I innocently said I had come for shooting." The immigration officer was shocked. "Whom have you come to shoot?" he asked me. "I calmed him down and corrected myself, I'm filming." Only slightly relieved he said "Why did you say shooting?" he chided me. I told him it's a cultural thing. "Really, are we actors supposed to stop saying we're shooting merely because the word has alarming connotations?"

    She further adds, "It almost an all-women's crew. It's a film called Signature Moves. I play the protagonist's mother who has a complicated relationship with her daughter in spite of the immense bond they have with each other. The film is directed by Jennifer Reeder and produced by Brian Hieggelke.The Academy and Emmy nominated actor Michael Shannon has invested in the film. The Tribeca Film Institute founded by Robert De. Niro has mentored the production."

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