• Shahid receives best compliment from dad

    25th July 2014

    The trailer of Shahid Kapoor's next 'Haider' has earned him accolades from all quarters. Since the shoot, the film has been high on the radar. Shahid's look garnered immense traction and now his role and performance are being highly talked about.

    While the film is currently being edited and worked upon, Vishal Bhardwaj organized a special screening for Pankaj Kapur to take his feedback.

    Vishal and Pankaj have an excellent working relationship and hence he was keen for him to watch the film.

    When Shahid got to know about this, he reached out to his dad for a honest feedback. Pankaj, who has been in the industry for 40 years, is very candid and honest in his review and Shahid was sure he will get a realistic overview.

    He was infact nervous because he didn't know what to expect. So when Shahid asked him, Pankaj thought over it for a couple of minutes before speaking anything.

    While Shahid's anxiety grew, Pankaj confessed to him that he is at a loss of words. He was not able to describe Shahid's performance in words he said.

    The father-son duo share a friendly relation and are critical of each other's work. Shahid was humbled and felt this is the best compliment he has ever received.

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