• Shreyas Talpade inaugurates new office

    1st April 2014

    Shreyas Talpade is known to be a man of tradition. He has been celebrating Gudi Padwa ever since he was a child and the festival has always been an important day in their family. 

    Traditionally, they celebrate at his residence but this year was different. 

    Shreyas has recently opened a sprawling corner office in light of his new upcoming release 'Poshter Boyz'.

    The whole team of 'Poshter Boyz' was present at this auspicious occasion at the new office and joined hands in unison for a new and prosperous year for the family and the film.  

    Speaking on the occasion, Shreyas said, "Gudi Padwa is a festival for families above all. This is my second film as a producer so I have been working in close quarters with all teams. The bonding that I have had with them all has given me my second family. I am very happy to see so many members of the 'Poshter Boyz' team under one roof again. I have total faith that our collective prayers will bring success to our film and Affluence Movies."

 kingfisher backstage