• Sonal eyes 'Being Human' camp

    9th July 2011

    Like any other aspiring actress, Sonal Chauhan too is trying to find solace under Salman's wings and is trying to get his attention these days. The actress recently attended the high-profile premier of Salman's maiden production 'Chillar Party'.

    Guess what she sported at the do? The actress was seen in a 'Being Human' tee and according to Sonal it is her way of showing her support for the film and the noble charity foundation. The media even asked her if she was trying to get into Salman Khan's camp. Sonal replied that there was no such intention but she was there because she believes in the film. She further added that if she gets a chance, she would certainly love to work with 'Salman Khan Being Human' productions.

    Hmm! That comes as no surprise to us Sonal. After all, who wouldn't like to get a 'Dabangg' like Sonakshi or 'Character Dheela' like Zarine. Being Salman's loyalist has its own benefits.

 kingfisher backstage