• Soni Razdan shares the story behind Alia's name

    15th March 2018

    It is Alia Bhatt's 25th birthday and how it could be complete without mother's love and blessings. Alia's mother Soni Razdan shared a never-heard-before story behind naming her cute little daughter Alia on her Instagram post. She shared a beautiful collage of the 25-year old's childhood pics and captioned the story behind her name. 

    Her mother revealed the whole story via her Instagram handle that read ''On this day 25 years ago you were born Alia. Your name had already been chosen in my head. Alia Knightly was a lovely British Indian model and when I read that name I had decided if I had a girl we would call her Alia. Luckily your father agreed. I had no idea what the name meant then.'' 

    The post continued as ''It was many years later that I found out it means ‘exalted’. And that you most certainly are. A month before you were born I had a dream. I saw your face clearly in that dream. Since then in these 25 years you have scaled great heights in your young life... true to your name. On this day, your birthday, I wish you all the best as always... but I also wish that you keep your core self intact. Your special simple sweet self intact through all the craziness and the heady ups and the not so heady downs of life ... don’t lose sight of who you really are inside. Because it’s that self that will be your guide and your most precious companion. Wish we were with you today... Happy Birthday sweetheart. Have a glass for me. Love always ... Mama''


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