• SRK in melodious company

    27th February 2014
    Indian Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been famous for his art to win hearts. Be it fans or industry colleagues, people who know him swear by his generosity and warmth. 
    This was yet again proved when SRK dropped in especially to meet some music stars recently. 
    Shah Rukh was shooting for one of his assignments in Filmistan recently when he discovered that Bollywood's renowned music stars Himesh Reshammiya, Mohit Chauhan and Mika Singh were in the adjacent studio working on a song. 
    As soon as he wrapped up his schedule, he dropped on the sets late night taking all three of them by surprise. 
    The three were stunned to have the star visiting them for no vested interest. He could've headed home for the much needed rest but instead he decided to drop in and exchange pleasantries with them. 
    All the three artists were glad and Mika also lent his hummer to SRK. "Met a huge bunch of talent in the studios. Himesh. Mohit Chauhan & @MikaSingh. The large hearted punjabi has lent me his Hummer to drive," SRK tweeted.
    The incident left the artists in awe of SRK, and we must say they have all the right reasons to be so. 
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