• Sush confident of her marriage

    14th April 2014

    Sushmita Sen has always been famous for wearing her heart over her sleeves. Be it her love life or the decision of adopting kids and raising them alone, Sush has led her life with pride. And it is this zeal that makes her stand her ground in terms of marriage and love. 

    The 38-year-old actress has been in a couple of relationships but never took the plunge to get hitched.

    Nonetheless, she is confident that the day she finds true love, she will lead a very fruitful married life.

    "Marriage has been on my father's mind more than mine (laughs). On a serious note, I believe, I will have an incredible marriage when I know I have found the right person," said Sushmita. 

    In recent times, she has been leading a very private life. While dining with a mystery man recently, she was spotted by shutterbugs. As soon as she saw the paparazzi gathering, she made a quick exit. 

    Though she has always been vocal about her relationships, this time she chose to build a mystery. 

    The actress refused to divulge details of her love life with the following statement, "Do I love? Yes. Am I in love? No," smiles the actress after playing well with words.

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