• Sushmita disapproves of societal norms

    26th May 2014

    Bollywood Diva Sushmita Sen recently celebrated 20-years of winning the Miss Universe title.

    In 1994 she became the first Indian to be crowned 'Miss Universe' and Sush celebrated the 20th anniversary of that achievement in the most humble way. The actress was seen spending the day with cancer patients.

    On this eve, the 38-year-old former Miss Universe, who has always led her life on her own terms, confessed that she disapproves of certain societal norms.

    She, who has been linked to a couple of stars, claims that contrary to the famous notion about her, she does believe in the institution of marriage.

    "I will certainly get married and for sure it's going to be a beautiful wedding," she said.

    However, she adds that she refuses to accept the norms associated with marriage. "I don’t think I should walk with the system. Our society has made this system that get graduate at 18, by 22 start panicking to get married and by 27 have your first child. I don't believe in that," she added. 

    The actress who takes pride in being a single mother to her two adopted girls, states that marriage and love take their own course of time.

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