• Tony Scott dies

    20th August 2012

    Hollywood director Tony Scott has died after jumping from a Los Angeles bridge, authorities have revealed.

    The acclaimed filmmaker - who made hit movies including Top Gun and Man on Fire - jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in California at around 12.30pm on Sunday.

    The LA Coroner's office has revealed that Scott's death is being investigated as a suicide.

    "We will go where the facts take us. We have no reason to believe it was not a suicide," Lt Joe Bale, from the coroner's office, told the BBC.

    Tony's body was reportedly pulled from the water "less than three hours" after he was sighted jumping from the bridge.

    According to various reports, a suicide note has been found. Sources have revealed it was discovered at his office after finding a list of "contact information" in his vehicle.

    Tony, 68, was born in Britain and worked on a number of blockbusters with a wealth of Hollywood's finest including Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise and Will Smith.

    The younger brother of Ridley Scott, Tony was rumoured to be working with Cruise on a hotly-anticipated sequel to Top Gun at the time of his death.

    Tony's death has sent shockwaves through Hollywood, with director Ron Howard taking to his Twitter page to write: "No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day."

    The late director is survived by wife Donna Scott and their twin sons. 

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