• Tony Scott suffered from brain cancer

    20th August 2012

    Tony Scott was reportedly suffering from inoperable brain cancer before he leapt to his death.

    The Hollywood director died after jumping from a Los Angeles bridge on Sunday.

    ABC News reports that Tony may have decided to take his own life because he was diagnosed with the terminal disease just days before his suicide.

    TMZ reports that law enforcement found a note in Tony's car listing the names and phone numbers of loved ones.

    Sources refer to the letters as somewhat of a "contact list" that the filmmaker left behind. Officials believe that Tony penned this list so that his friends and family would be contacted immediately to be informed of his passing.

    The younger brother of Ridley Scott, Tony was rumoured to be working on a hotly-anticipated sequel to Top Gun at the time of his death. The late director is survived by wife Donna Scott and their twin sons.

    Celebrities continue to mourn the loss of the filmmaker.

    Samuel L. Jackson, who starred in Tony's classic movie True Romance, is saddened by the situation.

    "Taking a moment to reflect on Tony Scott's life and work! My sympathies to his family. Feeling the loss!" Samuel wrote on Twitter.

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