• Trending: Arijit Singh's public apology to Salman Khan

    25th May 2016

    Well we are all aware about the tiff between singer Arijit Singh and 'Bhaijaan' Salman Khan. There is some kind of misunderstanding between the two of them which is getting more complicated. For the uninitiated, the tiff actually occurred during one of the award functions when Salman was presenting an award to Arijit. And the duo exchanged some hard comments against each other.

    Arijit has recorded a song for Salman's upcoming film 'Sultan.' But due to the tiff, the makers don't want to keep the track in the film. Arijit seems to be literally begging Salman to keep his song in the film.

    Arijit has been trying to reach the actor in every possible way may it be text messages or phone calls, but Salman seems to be in no mood to reply Arijit. So the singer posted a lengthy apology letter on his Facebook wall. Though he deleted it later, his fans are not at all happy about Arijit pleading Salman to keep his song in the film. 

    Take a look at Arijit's post on his Facebook wall.

    Arijit Singh’s public apology to Salman Khan requesting him to keep his song in Sultan

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