• Vidya Balan enjoys enacting controversial roles

    22nd February 2012

    Vidya Balan is known for her penchant to take up experimental roles in her films that has got her the recognition as a performance oriented actress. From "Parineeta" to "The Dirty Picture"  the actress has been there done that. In the past year she played a troubled sister striving to get justice in the film "No One Killed Jessica" and played a sex siren in "The Dirty Picture" in the same year.

    It is this versatility that has stumped people and Vidya Balan is daring to go a step ahead to experiment with her films in future as well. Vidya recently claimed that she wants to act in films which have controversial concepts as its central plot. From extra marital affairs to a controversial real life of a politician, she wants to do them all. “I want to films which have a lot of drama element in it. Films like "Arth" and "Silsila" are the kinds which I want to do now. I would also love to do something like a biopic on Indira Gandhi,” said Vidya in her statement recently.

    We just hope that the film- makers who want to work with Vidya in near future have got the message.

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