• Vir Das & Kangana to get intimate onscreen

    6th March 2014
    India's renowned stand-up comedian Vir Das is slowly and steadily developing strong foothold in Bollywood. 
    The comedian-cum-actor has been doing significant roles in films in recent times and he is taking the journey ahead with 'Revolver Rani' where he has been paired opposite Kangana Ranaut who plays the title role.  
    Vir plays Kangana's toy boy in the film, which apparently will have too many love making scenes between the two.
    Vir's character is shown to be mean who uses anything and anyone to get his work done, but in the film, when his character comes across Kangana, he tastes his own medicine, as it is he who gets used. 
    "Yes, it's true; you'll be seeing me as a toy boy of sorts. I play a complete degenerate who is perhaps the most selfish character you'll ever see on screen. He's ambitious, manipulative and stops at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means using women," said Vir. 
    Talking about getting bold on screen, Vir shuns the excitement claiming its nothing overboard. "There's nothing explicit, but yes, I admit the film is high on sexual energy," he added.
    The trailer of the film will be out today.
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