• Vir's makeover into an old man for his next

    8th February 2016

    We earlier saw and heard that Vir Das is donning​  real beard and​ traditional turban in his upcoming film ​'​31st October​'​, a biopic​.​ Now we bring you his exceptionally brilliant look of an old man from the film in which the actor is completely ​unrecognizable. ​

    It's a coming of age role transform​ing from a 28​-65 years​ old​. Vir, who plays Davinder Singh in the film, a survivor from the riots of 31st October had to undergo many trial sessions with different make-up artists. Later, there was a team of 3-4 make-up artists hired to turn Vir into an old man for his character in the film.

    The shoot went on for 10 days and Vir spent 6 hours on make-up, acted in it for 3 hours and 3 hours to remove it. To achieve the look the desired look, there were prosthetics used on the actor's face to turn him into older Davinder Singh. It was a very hectic time for the actor as he had to sit back patiently and wait for the artists use the heavy prosthetic make-up on his face.

    However, Vir has totally ​transformed his look for the film, it is so intense that we can definitely vouch for an outstanding performance by him in the film.

    Vir's makeover into an old man for his next

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