• Watch the most awaited spine-chilling trailer of 'Shivaay'

    8th August 2016

    Ajay Devgn created a lot of buzz about his first ever directorial venture 'Shivaay' by sharing posters and short video clips in which he showed the difficulties faced during the making of the film in the snowy mountains of Bulgaria.

    While he was successful in creating the curiosity about the trailer, the trailer finally released on August 7, 2016. Ajay Devgn shared the trailer on his twitter handle by tweeting, "ना आदि ना अंत है उसका, वो सबका ना इनका उनका, वही शून्य है वही इकाय, जिसके भीतर बसा शिवाय। Watch #ShivaayTrailer." ( With no beginning and no end, indivisible, equal to all, Nothing and yet everything, Shiva is in all of us).

    The trailer showcases Ajay Devgn as Shivaay, who is an Himalayan mountaineer and who can turn into a ferocious protector when it comes to protecting his family. Ajay is seen with his on-screen daughter Abigail Eames protecting her from all odds.

    The action sequences shot in the snow-clad Bulgarian mountains are breathtaking and intriguing. As Shivaay is a deep devotee of Lord Shiva, the illusions used to explore the various aspects of his life are true to be believable. The trailer is a bit intense and each frame depicts a story. Though we cannot make out the exact storyline of the film in the trailer, it seems that Ajay purposely wants to create some more curiosity by not revealing the plot of the story. We only get snippets of the female leads of the film Erika Kaar and Sayyesha Saigal as they are hardly in the trailer.

    This spine chilling trailer has only raised the expectations of the viewers. So get ready for fireworks this Diwali as 'Shivaay' will have a worldwide release on October 28, 2016.

    Watch the action- packed trailer here.


    Watch the most awaited spine-chilling trailer of ‘Shivaay’

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